Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Rock of Gibraltor

ohhh man. I am a filthy liar because I said I was going to update this more frequently and its been over a week now. I can't even remember all that happened....
Over Valentine's Day we went to Gibraltar. It was about a 2 1/2 hour bus ride from Sevilla and its on the very end of Spain BUT its a British colony...meaning....wait for it....THEY SPEAK ENGLISH!
WOOHOO! They also have the red phone booths, use the pound, have fun British accents, make you take your pass-port, etc. A lot of people from UNC went on the program but there were also a lot of other exchange students from different universities there. After we went through customs we got on this bus which was slightly ghetto. I was a little afriad it was going to fall apart while we were driving up the mountain, but luckily it remained in one piece. Our tour guide was insane and kept on making a bunch of weird jokes. We stopped off at a look-out where you could see Africa which was really cool and we also went into these REALLY old caves. The best part was the monkeys though. They were everywhere. Think of how squirrels are in Chapel Hill and thats how the monkeys were. They were just hanging out all of the place, waiting to jump on you. They were so cute, especially the baby ones. We then had some free time so bumped around Gibraltor and headed back on the bus. This past weekend I stayed in Sevilla and tried to get my constantly growing pile of things-to-do under control. I'm trying to figure out what to do this summer, next year, and generally with my life...thats a lot to figure out in a weekend. Yesterday Elle, Andrea and I went and bought our tickets to Morocco. Basically I went and blew my life savings to spend a week in Africa. I'm really excited though, we get to ride camals, spend the night in an oasis and (hopefully) have an amazing time.
I think I'm also going to try to do a half-marathon in Portugal. Its the largest half-marathon in the world. I have 4 weeks to train. hmmm....hopefully that will be enough.
miss you. bye!

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