Monday, February 2, 2009

Its a Charmed Life

So its been awhile since my last update and lots of really fun things have happened. Where to start...
This weekend we went to Italica, which are ruins only about 15 minutes outside of Sevilla. There was a really old amphitheater where people used to fight lions and crocodiles. The amphitheater is apparently pretty big, but not quite as big as I was expecting. Apparently the whole entire top ¨row¨ of the amphitheatre has been worn away with time. It was really cool to see, and pretty randomly located. We pulled up next to a gas station, walked into a gate and tada! Ancient Ruins! Kind of awesome.
Also, I've started booking trips. I have plane tickets to go to Ireland over St.Patrick's Day! My dream come true! I can't wait! Hopefully it won't matter that I'm missing 2 days of school to go...
I also just booked tickets to the Straight of Gibraltar for Valentine's Day weekend, which should be amazing. You get to play with monkeys! We're also looking at trips to Paris, Moracco, and a few other places.
In other exciting news....the other day I was running by the river and someone asked me for directions! Here I was thinking that I looked pitifully dazed and confused all the time but apparently I look like I know what I'm doing afterall! It gets better...just as I was running home, already formulating clever ways to blog about this exciting experience, someone else asked me for directions!! I took it as a sign that I'm starting to fit in and apparently look like I know Spanish :)
Saturday night was also really fun. We tried to go to a bar that was playing the UNC vs. State game but we ended up getting really lost. We finally made it with 1.9 seconds left. But I think we made it for the best part - after it was over all the UNC students sang the fight song. Singing the fight song is probably my favorite part of any sporting event, so I was really happy when we busted out in song. Then we proceeded to go to a hole-in-the-wall bar where Andrea and I were serenaded! These men, I'm not kidding, were dressed in medieval Spanish court jester costumes. They sang to us and played guitar. After that we headed to another bar which was playing the best\worst American music ever (eg - Grease Lightening, I Feel Like a Woman). Although obviously not the most Spanish place, it was still really fun. At one point we were dancing with this group of old woman to ´Aint Nothin But Mammals´. To make things even weirder, I ran into someone who I went to Middle School with, and haven't seen since I was about 12 years old. Its a small world afterall.
Last night we went to a bar to watch the Superbowl, which unfortunately did not play the commercials. Bummer! The commercials are half the fun. On the way to the bar we ran into this group of Italian men who wanted me to take a picture of them. After I took the picture they then decided they wanted a picture of me, Andrea and Elle. (Important Side Note: Me, Andrea and Elle make a Blond, Brunette, and Red-head. I think this is is a big part of why people tend to always be shouting at us...) So after we took a picture of us they asked us our names. As soon as I responded Angela, one of them shouted ¨ANGELA! I LOVE YOU!¨ in a classic Italian accent. Right after Andrea introduced herself they seemed to think we had the same name because they said ¨Everyone is named Angela!¨ Right after we told them we were from the U.S. one of them shouted ¨Bill Clinton!¨, after we corrected him with he starting doing a chicken-dance shouting ¨Obama!¨ I really hope I'm doing this story justice, because it was pretty hilarious. Imagine everything being said in a really thick Italian accent and I think you might get the idea.


  1. hahahahahahaha, wow, it sounds like you had some really bizarre experiences!!! with the italian men shouting at you. hahahahahaha. i am glad you are having fun!!! so the question is -- were you able to give the people directions??

  2. They were both basically at the places the wanted directions to. So, Yes, I was. :)