Sunday, January 25, 2009

help me ronda! help help me ronda!

This weekend we went Ronda, a small town about two hours away in the mountains. Just the bus ride there was kind of hilarious. I was sitting in the very front row squeezed in next to this man wearing a beret. So there I was enjoying the beautiful scenery, trying to ignore the man's leg touching mine and (here's the best part) listening to music. Very eclectic mix of things going on, but it went by pretty fast. Ronda was beautiful. It was nice to get out of Sevilla for the day and get in a change of scenery. We basically just walked around all day and avoided going in anywhere that involved us having to pay to get in. The city is pretty small but it has a lot of history. The bull ring there is the best one in Spain. Its the one all the matadors aspire to get to. We weren't there for too long but I think we saw most everything there was to see. Then we went out on Saturday night to Buddha, this gigantic discoteca. We stayed there and danced for awhile before we headed back. On the way back these guys started shouting at us and following us. We were planning on walking but figured we better take a cab back when they wouldn't stop following us.
Thursday night was also really fun. Three of us from UNC went over to a girl from Britain's apartment. When we got there a ton of girls from all over the world were there. There were girls from Germany, Belguim, Hungary, Britain all gathered to watch Sex and the City. This one girl kept offering me fudge from the birthplace of Shakespeare. It was a really fun/funny that Sex and the City was the thing that brought everyone together.
love and miss you all!

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  1. i hope you were listening to dolly parton!!!!!! and ps --- why is sex and the city such a running motif in your life?? you are always gathering with your friends to watch it.