Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 weeks notice

So i´ve been here exactly 2 weeks. It feels like so much longer. We've kind of already gotten into a routine of things. I'm still not sure how much Mercedes understands me when I try to talk to her. Today for instance I was trying to tell her that classes at Chapel Hill were cancelled and I think she thought I was saying classes here were cancelled. Also I was trying to explain to her how I met Bush, then the next day in class I found out I had used the wrong verb. So I probably said something along the lines of ¨my family and i found president bush¨. whoops.
We went out this weekend and to prove ourselves real Spanairds did not return until 5 am. It was really fun but everyone we met spoke english. I was trying to talk to someone in Spanish and he kept saying ¨in english!¨ Hmm...these things are really making me question my spanish speaking abilities. Oh well - I'll keep trying, people will probably just be really confused as to what I'm talking about.
Sunday we went for a really long walk along the Río and it was really pretty. We got ice cream and sat along the river. There was a ton of people outside just walking and enjoying the day. I've never really seen people do that in the U.S. So many people just out and about with friends and family. We also went and explored the Plaza de España which is huge and really cool.
On Monday we went into the Cathedral and we went up into the Giralda so we could see all of Sevilla. The Cathedral is HUGE, its the third largest in the world and it was beautiful inside. Unfortunately it wasn't the clearest day on Monday, but it was still really neat to be overlooking the entire city.
Then last night we went out to a bar for the inauguration. It was an Irish bar but it was decorated for the inauguration and there were a ton of people there celebrating. There were also a bunch of news people there filming so I might have made it onto some local news channel - this could be my big break! After the inauguration was over we went out for tapas which were just as delicious as I heard they were. life is good.

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