Thursday, January 15, 2009

settling in spain

hola amigos!
I almost survived the first week of classes. I still have one more day to go. Its still kind of hard to tell how classes will be because the first week is always kind of relaxed. I had one teacher tell us it was going to be really intense, but I also had another teacher tell us it was going to be easy. He said no one wants to work hard when its spring and when youre in spain, etc etc. So who knows what to expect. The really good thing is that I can mostly understand all my professors with one giant exception of a professor who I cant understand at all. I mean really nothing - Im lucky if I catch a word or two.
The really weird thing about classes is that Im only taking 12 hours. This means on Monday and Wednesday I only have 1 class. Im used to being so busy and having so much to do I dont know what to do with myself. Now when I only have one class two days a week and I dont know what to do with myself. Nice change of pace :)
Yesterday my friend and I went running around the city. We were running through these really narrow alley ways when out of nowhere appeared a gigantic, gorgeous, gray cathedral. As in THE cathedral, the one Sevilla is known for. Despite the fact that we were in the middle of a run, we were sweaty and grossly underdressed we thought we should stop in. Turns out you have to pay so that plan failed pretty quickly. But still - imagine going on a run and finding yourself facing that. Pretty awesome.
I think Im starting to understand my señora a little better. Although yesterday afternoon when I was leaving to go for a walk she asked me if I was going on a run. This was unfortunate because in my mind I had already told her that I went for a run that day.
I watched my first fútbol game last night! My señoras son Roque (remember Roque??) and his girlfriend (sigh) came over to watch the game. When they were talking to each other I basically had no idea what they were saying. But I still felt pretty special sitting there with them drinking a cerveza and watching futbol. I think thats all for now.
Te quiero, ánhela

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  1. aw, roque has a gf after all. too bad. but then again, you don't want to get mixed up with a spaniard... i'm not really sure why not, but it sounded like a nice thing to say. and maybe your senora did understand you, but maybe she just forgot what you said.