Sunday, January 11, 2009

this was bound to happen

It was absolutely beautiful here today. So I decided I would go on a run. As I was running I was too busy gushing over how beautiful and exciting it is here to pay proper attention in order to get myself home. I think you know where this is headed...
After I was too tired to keep running, I ended up walking around doing my best to ask people where I was. The good news is that everyone (yes I asked more than one person) who I asked was really nice. Eventually I finally got home and decided to pay a little more attention next time (duh). But it really was so nice outside and I went running through a park that had a lot of people sitting around just enjoying the day.
We went out last night to the bars on the river. It was a pretty long walk from our apartment but it was so fun. There were a lot of people out and we met some nice guys - who I talked to entirely in spanish! I think he had a little more patience with me than I expected so I was more comfortable trying to talk to him. On our walk home we got a little turned around (sound familiar?) Wherever we were had that movie-set feel to it again. I just can't get over this place.
Reality will most likely hit me hard tomorrow because classes start. I'm determined to not let classes get in the way though! That sounds a little backwards - basically I'm determined to not get stressed out - "que sera sera"
Hasta Luego!

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