Thursday, January 8, 2009

how to successully make it so spain

I´m here! Lots of delays and frantically running through airport got me here in time. The main highlight involved getting to T4 in Madrid where I had to exit the airport and get a bus that got on the expressway seemingly driving away from the airport, but no worries I was on the right one, although all the while I was thinking the bus was kidnapping me. I met all the people on my program last night and we went out to dinner. Walking to dinner last night we wound through all these alley ways and it felt like I was walking through a movie set. The restaurant was very spanish as well. It still hasn´t entirely sank in that I´m here, but going through those alley ways really helped, it was so cool. We slept in a hotel last night and then this morning I met my señora, Mercedes. Already, I love her. She speaks zero English and her husband died only a couple months ago. She seems to be doing really well despite what must be a really difficult time. She is really sweet though and kept offering me tons of food, all of which was delicious. Her son Roque also came to lunch, who I also love. Mercedes is a painter and all of her artwork decorates her apartment. The room I´m sharing is pretty small, but it has a lot of character.
Here it goes - four months in Spain. Don´t forget about me!


  1. senora mercedes! i like her name! glad you are having fun. it sounds very cool. i want to see some of her paintings. did they have good food at the restaurant? what kind of comida do they eat in espana?

  2. "her son Roque...who I also love" oh really Ang. what is this all about missy?...dont think i'm not reading this!!!